Pickup in sycamore Used one year then changed color scheme Have 2 singles and 1 double for sale- $5 each
Pickup in sycamore Used one year then changed color scheme 2 singles available- 2 separate listings - 1 double available


Used this for parties, it worked fantastic for soda, water and juice boxes/pouches. Have a garage refrigerator and no longer need this. Top has a crack which does not interfere with function. Also, a drain in the back for draining water.
Big 22" deck by Ranch King Fresh oil,sharpened blade and new primer. Ready to mow Side discharge No holds over 36 hours Cross posted
Wood play set - you take apart and haul. Needs a new slide.
Contains the complete set minus the straw. See addition photo for specifics.
We purchased new light fixtures and I replaced the bulbs that came with them with new bulbs that had a cooler tone. These are all 60 W bulbs with a warm tone. Unfortunately the box did not tell me what the temperature of bulbs were (this info tells you how much yellow comes from the light), but if I had to guess it is probably 2100. They give a very warm vintage feel. $3 per bulb-all work great!
2 speed fan has dual 6" blades Fits windows 23"-29" (adjuster on one side is missing) Good condition No holds over 36 hours
Nice vacuum with 12 amp motor Good condition, clean The Boss Power Plus model 4703 No accessories No holds over 36 hours
Made from gray weathered wood 13" high 22" wide and 13" deep Has been repaired
Very pretty! 82 long and about 58 wide. I do have children so it could use some spot remover and a good wash as it s been stored.